Austin Winkler Hinder

Hinder Wants to Hinder Ex-Front Man From Using Hinder

Rock band Hinder is going to war with their original lead singer, accusing him of using the band to cash in on a solo career.

The current members of the Oklahoma based band filed suit against Austin John Winkler, who left in 2013 after suffering “medical and emotional problems.”

The lawsuit claims Winkler agreed to not use the Hinder brand for his own projects. He was only permitted to use “Austin Winkler, formerly of Hinder.”

The current members say Winkler broke the agreement by using the band to promote a recent solo tour and falsely suggesting his shows were connected to the mothership.  They claim he is ruining the band’s legacy.

The band claims they tried to handle the matter outside of court, but Winkler and his reps … hindered their efforts.