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You're Welcome! Here's What You Need to Survive New Year's Day

By TheBlast Staff

Proper planning is everything when it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations and the subsequent New Year's Day recovery.

Never fear, we have you covered. This failsafe guide with a celebrity spin will help you survive your first exhausting hangover of 2018.


If by some miracle you feel like a dream on January 1st, by all means, work out. However, if like most of us, you will be a shell of your 2017 self, you will need something soft and stretchy to wear. These cult favorite leggings from Peony and Me are loved by the likes of Sienna Miller and Emma Roberts. They feel like a spandexy hug that will embrace you all through your hangover brunch.

Hardcore Concealer

After you go full wino on NYE, you need some government grade concealer to cover those epic dark circles. The Studio Light™ Flawless Eye Concealer is by Dr. Lancer, the skincare specialist that's worked on the likes of Kim K and Kayley Cuoco and will hide the evidence of your sleepless night.

Dr. Lancer


We all know we need to guzzle water to replenish our bodies after getting a smidge too turnt so stock up on H2O before you head out tonight. Jamie Chung is a big fan of smartwater, which adds some glorious electrolytes so it tastes better than boring old tap. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston is the brand's face so if it's fancy enough for Rachel, we'll take it!


A Cozy Cardi

A cozy cardigan is just what the doctor ordered for a marathon Netflix binge on the couch. Gigi Hadid and Charlize Theron both have this fuzzy grey one from Bobeau that looks lovely with sweatpants and shame (the universal New Year's Day look).


Greasy Food

A grilled cheese is so simple, anyone can make it in whatever state of post-revelry recovery that they're in. Tiffani Thiessen (yes, Kelly Kapowski) has a grown-up version that will soak up the leftover booze and give you new life. Hers has caramelized onions so it's fancy. Plus, you can make those days ahead so it's less work January 1st.

Cooking Channel

Eye Pads

Celebs swear by de-puffing and hydrating under-eye pads. Chrissy Teigen has been using them for years and Chris Pratt had a set on before hitting the red carpet this year. We love the ones by SIO Beauty for their epic lifting and tightening powers.

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