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Famed Ex-Madam Heidi Fleiss Sues Friend for $4 Million Over Alleged Stolen Bitcoin

By TheBlast Staff

Famed madam Heidi Fleiss is accusing her former friend of screwing her out of millions and destroying her plan to save a species of parrots for the remainder of her life.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Fleiss filed suit against her former friend, Elizabeth Keatinge. Fleiss claims in 2015, she inherited a substantial amount of money from her father’s estate. She planned to invest the money in pursuit of her life’s work of changing the tragic fate of the captive macaw parrot.

She decided to put the money into cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and opened an account. Fleiss also was planning on using the money to purchase a home in Los Angeles.

Keatinge was to help her with purchasing the home and to help manage Fleiss' investments in Bitcoin, and Fleiss gave her former friend nearly $1 million over time to put into crypto accounts. Fleiss says she asked for the return of her money in November 2017 but Keatinge refused. Fleiss also said her ex-friend started to deprive her of control of her crypto accounts at the same time.

The friend claims the accounts were a joint venture but Fleiss says Keatinge did not invest any money and did minimal work.

Fleiss claims Keatinge and her husband are converting her money for their own use and says substantial funds have been stolen, which has severely hampered her life work and destroyed her financial security.

She says she lost profits she would have made on the $1 million investment along with interest, believing she is owed in excess of $4 million in damages.

Heidi Fleiss is suing for in excess of $4 million in damages, plus control of her crypto accounts immediately.

The Blast reached out to Elizabeth Keatinge for comment — so far, no word back.

Fleiss posted on Twitter back in 2017 about the situation with hashtag #bitcoinliarthief,


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