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Heather Locklear's Family Considering Putting Her Under a Conservatorship

By TheBlast Staff

Heather Locklear's family is so concerned about her health and well-being, they are considering going the Britney Spears route and putting her under a conservatorship following this weekend's latest hospitalization.

Sources close to Locklear tell The Blast that her family believes she ended her most recent rehab trip too early. We're told Locklear wanted to be out for her daughter's birthday — she turned 21 last month — but people noticed right away that she "seemed exactly the same."

Our sources say Locklear's family is considering a conservatorship but is unsure of who should be put in charge. We're told the family believes her parents are too old to take on the responsibility and that her lawyers leak information to the press.

The family, we're told hopes the hospital will put her on a longer hold following this latest hospitalization. They believe she needs long-term treatment and someone to be in charge of her finances and medical treatments.

Heather Locklear was arrested back in February for felony domestic violence and battery on a police officer.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said at the time that Heather “battered her boyfriend and he suffered a visible injury” before their arrival. As they tried to take Locklear into custody, she kicked and hit three deputies as they were bringing her to the vehicle and she remained “agitated and extremely uncooperative.”

Locklear was eventually charged with felony domestic battery and three counts of attacking an officer. The sheriff says they had to bring her to the hospital because she claimed that she was injured earlier in the day, but she was cleared at the hospital.

She pled not guilty back in April.

In June, Locklear was hospitalized after allegedly threatening to kill herself.

Later that month, she was arrested again for allegedly attacking a law enforcement officer and an EMT. Locklear was charged with two counts of Misdemeanor Battery Upon An Officer And Emergency Personnel.

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