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Harvey Weinstein Sued for Allegedly Raping a Woman at Cannes in 2006

By TheBlast Staff

Harvey Weinstein is being sued for allegedly raping a woman named Emma Loman during the Cannes Film Festival in 2006.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Loman claims she met Weinstein in 2004 and they exchanged contact information. She claims they didn't speak again until 2006, when he reached out to say he was "impressed" with her as an actress and invited her to Cannes.

Loman claims she was hesitant to accept his invitation but claims "Weinstein had his assistant call her repeatedly, up to 30 times a day, and told her that it would be important for him and TWC that she attend the Festival as his guest so that they could discuss her acting career."

Once at the festival, Loman claims Weinstein provided her "with professional advice and support, gradually gaining her trust." She says she then agreed to a meeting at Weinstein's "office," which turned out to be his hotel suite.

Loman claims, "Upon arriving at Weinstein’s suite, however, Weinstein quickly dropped his professional demeanor. He instead overpowered Loman and raped her."

In her lawsuit, Loman claims that during the alleged rape, "Weinstein bragged that he had recently received a negative result from an HIV test."

According to Loman, after the alleged rape, Harvey Weinstein "told her that he would follow up with a call, and although Loman wanted to make clear to Weinstein again that he had just severely violated her, he quickly made her leave his suite, citing his busy schedule."

Loman claims she later met with Weinstein a second time (it's unclear where and when) at his hotel suite. She says Weinstein promised they would not be alone and she "wanted an explanation and an apology from Weinstein."

"She also believed that, knowing the risks, she would be able to escape the situation if Weinstein attempted to rape her a second time," the lawsuit reads.

Once she got there, Loman claims another woman was in the room and Weinstein "indicated that he wanted a threesome with Loman and the other woman." She says she tried to leave but Weinstein said "that his security guards would not allow her to leave, and that even if they did, she could not enter his elevator without its key."

"Loman, fearing another rape, began to shout and cry," the lawsuit claims.

In an effort to claim her down, Loman claims Weinstein "began crying himself. He begged her to calm down, told her (for the first time) that he was engaged, and said that journalists were waiting downstairs who would ruin his marriage and career if they saw a distraught woman who had come from his suite."

Eventually, Loman says she was allowed to leave.

Loman claims she remained silent for years because she thought "no one would believe her" and she feared "potential retaliation from such a powerful figure." The deluge of claims against Weinstein prompted her to come forward now, she says.

She is suing for assault, battery, false imprisonment and violation of human trafficking laws.

Loman is seeking damages in excess of $75,000.

Phyllis Kupferstein, an attorney for Weinstein, tells The Blast, "This lawsuit is an attempt to continue the legal barrage and public attention on Mr. Weinstein. The allegations are untrue and the claims are barred by the statute of limitations. We intend to immediately move to dismiss the complaint."

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