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Harvey Weinstein Has 'Misguided, Antiquated' View of How Rape Victims Should Act, Claims New York D.A.

By TheBlast Staff

The New York D.A. is calling out Harvey Weinstein for trying to launch a criminal defense by manipulating the media, and they're inviting for him to use all his "misguided" evidence to defend himself at trial.

New York Assistant District Attorney, Kevin Wilson, penned a very strong letter to the disgraced producer claiming Weinstein has a "misguided and antiquated view of how a rape victim should react after having been assaulted."

The response comes after Weinstein's legal team filed documents claiming that one of his alleged victims from 2013 attended the producer's movie screening after allegedly being raped by Weinstein. The implication is that the victim could not have been attacked by Weinstein if she attended an event for him later in the day.

The D.A. invites Weinstein to use all his "disingenuous" evidence during his trial, and notes that his filing is "further evidence of a concerted campaign by the defendant to try this case in the press using one-sided, incomplete and mischaracterized information."

In a parting shot to Weinstein's legal team, the D.A. claims their use of a specific legal precedent to curry favor "makes absolutely no sense."

The D.A. is requesting that the judge pay no attention to Weinstein's motion and requests that any information he has to the credibility of a rape victim be presented at trial, instead of to the press.

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