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Harvey Weinstein Sued for Assault and Battery in Class Action Lawsuit

By TheBlast Staff

Harvey Weinstein was just hit with another lawsuit, this time a class action suit, alleging he, The Weinstein Company, and Miramax were in cahoots to facilitate his repeated sexual misconduct.

According to documents filed in California, the case is led by a Jane Doe, who alleges she was assaulted while auditioning for one of Weinstein's movies.

The documents describe a harrowing incident between Jane Doe and Weinstein, claiming he had her read from a script and afterward stated he "just needed one more thing from [her]." He allegedly asked the woman to take her dress down so he could see her breasts, and repeatedly told her, "It’s just your breasts."

When the woman refused, the suit alleges Weinstein became enraged and told her he could end her career and "she would never work in this town again."

He then told her that she had to find her own way out, refusing to let her use the main entrance, and then "corralled her to a side door that led into a pitch-black stairwell. He then locked the door behind her. [The woman,] realizing she was locked in, banged on the door and begged to be let out."

The woman describes how she panicked and walked up and down the stairs while banging on doors until a maintenance worker heard her and let her out.

As we previously reported, the woman is also legally blind and disabled.

Also named in the complaint are Weinstein's former companies Miramax and The Weinstein Company, who allegedly "aided and abetted Weinstein in the commission of his sexual misconduct."

The documents claim "female employees of TWC were often used as 'honeypots' to make Weinstein’s victims feel safe." The "honeypots" would allegedly join a meeting with Weinstein and a potential female target to make the woman feel comfortable, and then leave the room so Weinstein was alone with the "victim."

The relationship between Weinstein and his companies are referred to as the "Weinstein Sexual Enterprise," and alleges that each person within his "Enterprise" played a role in facilitating and covering up Weinstein's sexual misconduct. It also claims Weinstein monitored regularly monitored the progress of his cover-ups and investigations into those who could possibly report on his misdeeds.

Celebrity victims of Weinstein — like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosanna Arquette, Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino, and Jessica Barth — are also used as examples of repeated harassment and assault.

The lawsuit claims there are "dozens, and likely hundreds" of class members and exceeds the jurisdictional amount of $5 million.

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