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Harvey Weinstein's New Rape Accuser Meeting with Manhattan D.A.

By TheBlast Staff

The woman who was groped by Harvey Weinstein on video, and filed a class action lawsuit against him, was asked to sit down with the Manhattan D.A. and asked to specifically discuss the questionable tactics of the disgraced producer's criminal defense attorney.

The Blast has learned Melissa Thompson is scheduled to meet with the Manhattan D.A. Monday morning regarding her dealings with Weinstein and his associates, specifically Benjamin Brafman. One of the key points of discussion will be Thompson's allegations that Weinstein's criminal defense attorney was surreptitiously extracting information regarding her allegations against Weinstein while actually being the man's attorney.

Thompson's lawsuit alleges that in 2017, 6 years after the meeting and alleged hotel rape, she was encouraged by a third party to get in touch with a lawyer named Alex Spiro, who allegedly represented that he worked for Brafman's law firm. Thompson claims that she divulged all the information regarding her incident with Weinstein, unbeknownst to her that Brafman was also working with Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein, Video

She claims the two men used "deceptive tactics to cause her to believe that Brafman and Spiro were working for the victims in order to entice her to turn over her visual and audio evidence of Weinstein’s actions."

We're told the Manhattan D.A. has asked to view Thompson's original communication with Brafman's law firm, the engagement letter she sent hiring the firm, and information about the 3rd party who originally hooked her up with Spiro.

Thompson, who will be joined by her attorney Beth Fegan, will also discuss the alleged sexual assault with the D.A., as well as the video that she has of the producer groping her during the private meeting.

For his part, Brafman issued a statement following Thompson's lawsuit denying that he or anyone in his firm ever met with her. He claims that if Alex Spiro met with her it was not while he was working for him, and also that Spiro never met with Weinstein or had any connection to him at all.

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