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Harvey Weinstein Gives Company Notice: I'll Be at the Board Meeting!!!

By TheBlast Staff

Harvey Weinstein may be in Arizona getting treatment but that's not going to stop him from attending an upcoming board meeting for The Weinstein Company, whether or not he shows up in person.

Sources close to the situation tell us Weinstein had his lawyer fire off a strongly-worded letter Thursday to TWC Senior VP of Business and Legal Affairs, Jeannine Tang.

We're told the letter made it clear Weinstein plans on calling in for a scheduled board meeting on October 17, and believes the board cannot keep him from the meeting.

Weinstein is under the impression TWC cannot throw him off the board, and reminded them in the letter that he still remains one of the largest shareholders in the company.

Weinstein is in Arizona, but has his cell-phone with him and plans on conducting business while receiving treatment.

Even though TWC believes they have fired Weinstein, it does not remove him from being a board member, and he wants an answer back ASAP acknowledging that he has given them notice he will be telephonically attending the meeting.

The Blast broke the story, Weinstein had clauses added to his contract prohibiting him from getting fired unless he was "indicted or charged" with a felony.

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