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Judge in Harvey Weinstein Class Action Leans Plaintiff's Way in Talk Over 'Illegal Procurement of Silence'

By TheBlast Staff

The judge in the class action lawsuit against The Weinstein Company, Miramax, and Harvey Weinstein met with attorneys for both sides in New York City last week to discuss if there was evidence of illegal procurement of silence ... and the judge seemed like he was leaning towards siding with the plaintiffs.

According to court transcripts, while the defendants are trying to dismiss the case by claiming the statute of limitations has expired, the plaintiffs are claiming Weinstein kept the alleged victims silenced for years through illegal means.

Over a dozen lawyers from the Weinstein camp attended a run-of-the-mill status conference and the judge in the case appeared annoyed at both the number of defense attorneys present and the overlapping motions filed by each.

"This is very important, folks: one brief, one issue," Judge Hellerstein said, according to the court transcript.

Later, he cut off a defense attorney twice in midsentence, saying, "I have too many briefs on the issue. I can't deal with that. I don't have time for that."

The suit was filed by famed attorney Cris Armenta, but only one single attorney, Elizabeth Fegan, was there on behalf of the plaintiffs to go up against the defense team.

During a terse exchange, the judge asked the gaggle of defense attorneys who their lead was, and when they revealed they had none, he shortly replied, "Have one now."

After going full-on middle school teacher and advising the defense lawyers to "talk amongst yourselves" so they could streamline their arguments, the judge admonished one attorney for Harvey Weinstein who asked for an extension on page limits for briefs.

"The only page limits I have are boredom," the judge answered.

As the judge discussed the motion with further with both sides, he said at to one of the defense attorneys, "I think you can't succeed on this motion, but I'll look at it."

No decisions were made and the case remains ongoing.

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