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Weinstein's Contract Prohibits Firing Unless He's 'Indicted or Convicted'

By TheBlast Staff

Harvey Weinstein believes his contract protects him from being fired over any sexual misconduct allegation that occurred prior to 2015, because his new deal specifically spelled it out and the company was aware of settlements to women.

According to sources with knowledge of the contract, Weinstein signed a revised agreement with The Weinstein Company in October 2015.

We're told during the renewal negotiations, TWC was aware of "at least three settlement payments made to females."

Our sources say TWC was well aware of the nature of the settlements, but they are now claiming they "assumed they were to cover consensual affairs" Weinstein had been engaged in with women. We're told Weinstein believes the company is pleading ignorance to cover their bases against any possible liability, criminally or civilly.

We're told Weinstein's contract specifically lays out a "cure" provision which allows him the opportunity to correct any action which may be considered a breach in his contract.

Furthermore, we're told his contract prohibits him from being fired unless he has been "indicted on a felony or charged with a felony."

Another interesting point, Weinstein doesn't appear to have a clause in his contract that can get him fired for any actions that damage the reputation of the company ... a clause which is fairly standard in Hollywood.

Weinstein feels nothing he has done thus far amounts to a felony, and does not breach his contract.

As we previously reported, Weinstein believes his company didn't have the right to fire him, and is fighting the decision.


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