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The Weinstein Co. Claims They Shouldn't Be Held Liable for Harvey Weinstein's Actions

By TheBlast Staff

The Weinstein Co. is trying to distance themselves from Harvey Weinstein as they fight an assault and battery lawsuit by claiming they aren't responsible for what he allegedly did.

A woman sued Weinstein and the company last year for sexual battery and assault incidents that allegedly took place in 2015 and 2016. She sued under the name Jane Doe.

According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, The Weinstein Co. is seeking to have the case dismissed. They cite a number of defenses, but the main idea is clear: Harvey Weinstein is responsible, not them.

"Defendants cannot be held vicariously liable for the conduct alleged by Plaintiff's FAC [first amended complaint]," the Weinstein Co. says in the suit, "because such conduct was outside the course and scope of employment of the individual(s) who allegedly engaged in such conduct."

The Weinstein Co. also says that if they are indeed held responsible, their "liability should be proportionate to their contribution to the alleged harm or endangerment, taking into account the contribution of Defendants and/or other persons who were responsible for or who otherwise contributed to the alleged harm or endangerment."

They are asking a judge to dismiss the case and award attorneys' fees and costs.

The case remains ongoing.

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