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Harvey Weinstein Furious at Ex-Wife Over $5 Million 'Financial Grab'

By TheBlast Staff

Harvey Weinstein thinks his ex-wife is trying to capitalize on his sexual assault scandal and kick him while he's down, and he's pissed.

Sources close to the family tell us he believes Eve Chilton's move to go to court and try and collect an advance of $5 million in child support is nothing more than a "financial grab by Eve and her lawyers."

We're told Weinstein has never missed a child support payment for any of his three daughters with Chilton, and has paid out over $60 million dollars over the years.

Even more egregious, sources close to the family tell us a $35,000 payment she requested for the kid's Christmas vacation and another payment in similar size is actually an equalization payment Chilton feels she's owed from the sale of Weinstein's mother's Westport, Connecticut home, and we're told she's already received a large amount money from that property.

Weinstein believes Chilton's main worry is a looming divorce with Georgina Chapman and the multi-million dollar payout she will most likely receive, but he is adamant that he is fine in the financial department and has been "very smart" with his cash.

Sources also tell us Chilton is "very jealous" of Chapman, even though we're told she also has enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle including a full-time maid and chef...and she still has all that.

We're told taking care of his children is Weinstein's top priority, and he will continue to do so, regardless of his other financial obligations.

Speaking of his children, Weinstein has been pointing out to friends that their 22-year-old daughter Ruth emancipated herself from her mother's care years ago because Chilton allegedly "abandoned her daughter Remy when she was at her lowest point," and Ruth remains very close with her father.

Chilton and Weinstein were married from 1987 to 2004 -- she was his assistant -- and afterwards he claims she "never worked a day in her life," and instead has enjoyed being waited on by "servants, nannies and drivers."

Sources close to the case tell us Chilton's request is unlikely to be accepted by the judge.

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