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Hailey Bieber Forced to Prove She's a Legit Bieber by U.S. Government

By TheBlast Staff

Hailey Bieber is in danger of losing out on the use of her fancy new name unless the supermodel proves she is a real deal Bieber.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Hailey was just sent a letter by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office over her application to coin the term "Hailey Bieber" for a clothing line.

The USPTO says Hailey needs to include written consent in her application to prove that she is indeed Hailey Bieber, and also that she's giving permission for the trademark to be registered.

The officials are sticklers, and explain that Hailey's statement must specify that she gives "consent to the use and registration of my name, HAILEY BIEBER, as a trademark and/or service mark with the USPTO."

The office also wants Hailey to specify what type of clothing line she's planning on marketing, such as shirts or hats, instead of just being general.

Officials note they have already had a discussion with Bieber's attorney on the matter, but make it clear the Guess model needs to provide proof ASAP or her application will be refused.

Also worth nothing, when she does provide consent for the trademark, it could be the first time the former Baldwin's signature is publicly displayed as "Hailey Bieber."


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