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Gulfstream Trying to Make Contact with Post Malone's Plane During Emergency Procedure

By TheBlast Staff


12:50 PM PT: The plane has landed safely!

12:20 PM PT: Air traffic control revealed that it was the two main tires on the left of the aircraft that blew. However, officials are optimistic about a safe landing.

12:10 PM PT: The aircraft is now at 4800 ft and descending as it prepares to make the emergency landing in New York.

The company who manufactured the aircraft Post Malone is currently aboard desperately wants to get in touch with the pilot as he circles in the air.

According to audio between the pilot and air traffic control, Gulfstream has reached out and wants to speak with the crew of the damaged aircraft.

The air traffic controller advised the pilot to call Gulfstream, but the pilot said he was unable to make the call due to the low level the plane was flying at, but he was given a number so that the crew can reach out.

The number given out to the aircraft is actually customer support for Gulfstream, and believe it or not, one of the automated options asks if you are currently experiencing an "in-flight emergency."

According to the FAA report on the plane, the G-IV was manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace in 1993. It also does not appear to have a history of malfunctions or documented incidents.

Malone and the other 15 people onboard the jet are still in the air as the aircraft burns off fuel. It's expected to attempt the emergency landing within the hour.

According to the audio, the holding pattern on the plane has been released and they are heading to New York Stewart International Airport.

As we reported, the "rockstar" singer went out partying in NYC after winning the award for Song of the Year at the MTV VMAs.

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