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Guess Co-Founder Paul Marciano's Pattern of Alleged Abuse Reveals Designer's M.O.

By TheBlast Staff

Kate Upton's story regarding her alleged sexual assault by Paul Marciano mirror allegations made by other women who The Blast has reported on, suggests that he has a very clear, obvious pattern of preying on young women in the industry.

During the investigation into Paul Marciano by The Blast, we were told a similar story over and over. It always involved Marciano meeting with a young woman in a professional setting and using his powerful position in the fashion world to deliver unwanted gropes, grabs and kisses. Every situation also seemed to be centered around him trying to either "feel the fabric," or check out a woman's breasts under the guise of a professional inquiry.

The other connecting theme from all the women we spoke with -- and Kate Upton -- is a paralyzing fear of being forced to make a choice between having a successful career, or standing up for themselves and facing the professional consequences.

Here's a quick rundown of the accusations we've heard from women so far:

  • Kate Upton: Alleges Marciano grabbed her breasts and thighs during a modeling shoot when she was 19. Says he claimed to just be "Making sure they're real," and revealed she was fired from photoshoots after denying Marciano's sexual advances.

  • Lindsey Ring: Filed a lawsuit against Marciano and Guess after alleging he created a hostile work environment by groping her during fittings. She claimed he tried to kiss her multiple times, and Guess employees joked that he was just trying to "feel the fabric."

  • Angie Christina: Alleges Marciano invited her to Guess headquarters for a meeting, but then asked if her "breasts were real" before allegedly reaching out and squeezing them. She says she was caught off guard and wondered if "all the girls in the industry go through this."

  • Jane Doe 1: Says she was invited to Guess headquarters for a meeting that ended with Marciano allegedly pulling her breasts out of her dress and trying to kiss her. She claims after bringing up the story to other industry people she was told "that's just how it goes."

  • Jane Doe 2: Alleges she met with Marciano to speak about modeling for Guess, when he "asked me if my bra was padded as he grabbed my boob." Later when Jane asked if she would be working for Guess, Marciano allegedly "responded by asking me for a topless selfie just for him."

The Blast has also spoken with two other women who have alleged similar stories regarding Marciano. We plan on posting those accounts in the coming days.

Marciano has denied all the allegations, and actually lashed out at Kate Upton with claims that she was bitter over being fired for "looking terrible."

As of now, he is still on the board and remains the creative director at Guess.

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