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Francis Ford Coppola's 'Godfather Notebook' Goes Missing from UPS

By TheBlast Staff

A ton of memorabilia for "The Godfather" just went "missing off the back of a truck," and even though officials are investigating the disappearance, it seems that everyone's lips are sealed on the alleged stolen goods.

Reps from Regan Arts tell The Blast that "tens of thousands of dollars" worth of Francis Ford Coppola's recreated "Godfather Notebook" have disappeared from a recent UPS shipment. They claim the delivery company has been investigating the mishap, but so far UPS has turned up bupkis.

The limited-edition notebooks, which are signed by Coppola, are replicas of the actual three-ring binder the famous director assembled for his adaptation of Mario Puzo's mafia family saga. It also includes production notes from the 1972 film, index cards with notes from the famous wedding scene, pages from the actual script, and behind-the-scenes photographs.

It's unclear if the hit is an inside job, but Regan Arts is especially worried because now copies of the alleged hot limited-edition notebook, which sell for $500, have started to pop up for sale on eBay.

UPS tells The Blast, "The claim is being actively investigated," adding "Because the shipment was sent via UPS Freight, which functions as a separate business unit, there are more elements involved in the activities to resolve the customer's issue."

Regan Arts is ready to go to the mattresses to find their notebooks, and whoever stole the merchandise better hope they don't end up on the ol' Corleone "trip to Vegas."

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