Industrial Hip-Hop Star Ghostemane Files Restraining Order Against Ex-GF, Fears for Safety

Ghostemane is used to dealing with some pretty dark themes in his music, but the star admits his ex-girlfriend has truly struck fear into his heart and now he’s asking for her to be kept at a safe distance.

27-year-old Ghostemane, real name Eric Whitney, has been revered in the underground music scene as an innovator of his ability to merge genres from metal and hip-hop, to industrial and rock.

According to a restraining order filed by Ghostemane, he’s accusing his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend of domestic violence. The musician explained that he and his ex, who is a model for Suicide Girls named, Ivy Suicide, had not been getting along, and on March 9 things took a very bad turn.

Ghostemane claims his ex-girlfriend, whom he lists at 5’3″ and 105 lbs, was at his apartment in West Hollywood when she “exploded into a jealous, irrational, physical and verbal rage” after he suggested they attend the MUSINK Music Festival + Tattoo Convention, in Costa Mesa, CA, with other people.

He says she demanded to be driven home, but then alleges she began screaming about not going home while on the car ride. Ghostemane claims he pulled the car over on Hollywood Blvd to “de-escalate the situation.”


He claims Ivy threatened, “If you call the police I will tell them that you have guns and rugs in the car and that you hit me!” and then allegedly ran out of the car and began kicking the driver’s side door and jumping on the hood of the vehicle. She also allegedly ripped the door handle from the car.

Ghostemane makes it clear he did not have drugs or guns in the vehicle, but says he drove his car up the street and then called police. Ivy was taken into custody and booked on charges of assault and vandalism.

According to court records, she was released the next day on $20,000 bail. Ghostemane said he had to travel to South America on business, and when he returned realized Ivy had filed a restraining order against him alleging domestic violence, but claims she fabricated accusations of “hitting her in the arm and face.”

Regardless of his allegations over false claims, Ivy’s restraining order was granted against the musician.

Ghostemane now says he fears for his safety and well-being, and is worried about the mental and emotional state of his ex-girlfriend. He claims Ivy once tried to commit suicide by jumping off his balcony when he mentioned breaking up, and believes her “long-standing emotional and mental instability exacerbates the current threat.”

The judge also signed off on his restraining order, and Ivy must remain at least 100 yards away from her ex-boyfriend. The former couple is due in court for Ivy’s restraining order this week, and back in court later this month to handle the musician’s accusations.

Fun Fact: Ghostemane reportedly has a degree in Astrophysics.