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'Game of Thrones' Is Filming and, Unlike Jon Snow, We Know Things (SPOILERS)

By TheBlast Staff

FYI spoilers are coming (well more like educated guesses that could be spoilery if they're right.)

"Game of Thrones" is officially filming the final season in the epic saga and, of course, we're obsessing over every single minor detail we can glean from the shoots.

Kit Harington was spotted on Wednesday in full Jon Snow regalia and, get this, he's in Kings Landing. The "GOT" crew is currently filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia which is the picturesque European capital that is used as the setting for Kings Landing.

Here are shots of Jon Snow (is he still technically a Snow now?) in what appears to be a tower in the Red Keep (aka Joffrey's old pad.)

What could he be doing there? Let's investigate:

  1. Testing out the Iron Throne after finding out his lover, Daenerys, is also his aunt and he might have a claim to be King Nephew.

  2. Working *with* his human enemies within the castle to defend the living against the Army of the Dead.

  3. Looking for a new place to live because the Wall came a tumblin' down and Winterfell was razed to the ground.

  4. Wandering around aimlessly because, after all these years, he still knows nothing.

Last week, a super blurry photo of the Winterfell set leaked and appeared to show the Northern castle on freaking fire.

We have plenty of time to keep guessing since "GOT" doesn't come back until 2019.

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