Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain Swimming in Nirvana Cash, $100k Per Month

Kurt Cobain’s 24-year-old daughter makes more in a month than most grads do in their first year out of college.

The Blast obtained documents detailing Frances Bean Cobain’s income between July 2016 and June 2017. Her $6,784/month in dividends is pocket change compared to the $95,496/month she receives from the late Nirvana rocker’s publicity rights.

Frances also lists her spending at $206,000 per month — which isn’t a big deal considering she’s worth $11.3 million in stocks, bonds, and other property.

The docs were filed in Cobain’s nasty divorce from Isaiah Silva, who is challenging her amount of publicity rights in Nirvana.  Unfortunately for him, Frances Bean also has a gigantic stake in Nirvana’s music rights, which Silva can’t touch.

Enjoy paying off your student loans!