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FaZe Clan Owner Banks Admits Tfue's 'Contract Was Trash' in War with Pro Gamer

By TheBlast Staff

FaZe Clan owner, Banks, is still involved in a fierce legal battle with one of his top esports stars, but now that Tfue's contract is public Banks is admitting the agreement was garbage.

Hours after The Blast revealed the bombshell contract that everyone in eSports was clamoring to see, Banks posted a lengthy rant on Twitter.

As we reported, Banks was teasing the release of the Fortnite star's contract, but after he failed to produce the documents, we obtained them from a non-FaZe source.

"Listen obviously Turners initial contract was horrible. Nobody ever disagreed with that. But over the last year we have offered him so many new ones, solutions. 0% splits. Honest and MORE THAN FAIR ways to solve the issue," Banks admitted to his over 2 million Twitter followers.

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He continued, "This was never about money. We never expected this to happen and over the last year have only collected $60k from $300k in brand deals WE BROUGHT HIM. (20%) That's the absolute total. This wasn't about money, ever. Or an unfair contract."

Banks says FaZe, "had every intention on releasing the contract," adding, "I have nothing to hide and I've made the mistake of allowing shit people to run my business."

After days of bickering and YouTube posts, however, Banks said, "We've solved those issues & are trying our best. The contract was trash. There's no denying that."

Banks' mea culpa comes AFTER the contract went public, as he had been posting videos and trying to persuade fans that Tfue was lying about his agreement.

Still, even though a lawsuit has been filed and millions of dollars are at stake, Banks is hoping they can settle their differences.

"Listen you f**k [Tfue] I really do still love you to death. If I could've prevented this from happening I would have. I did everything I could. I'm exhausted and I know you must be too. Let's sit down and talk, please. Bring whoever you want from your side, I'll come alone."

It's unclear if Tfue will accept Banks' olive branch, or what his future will be with FaZe Clan.

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