Farrah Abraham Wants to Trade Places with Donald Trump, Be President for a Day

Farrah Abraham may have her eyes on a new career now that she’s done being a “Teen Mom,” President of the United States.

The reality star revealed her political aspirations in a recent interview with reporter Whitney Ullman. She says that President Trump is probably the one celeb she’d want to switch places with for one day, so she can take a crack at politics.

When asked how she would handle being Commander In Chief, Farrah already has a few political stances:

  1. Make things better for children and mothers … women in general
  2. Make safety more strict
  3. Making systems simpler

Farrah who is currently adapting her NY Times bestselling memoir into a screenplay for a film and says she’s been focused on learning the ropes of screenwriting and focusing on “bringing more hindsight and knowledge and a powerful meaning to the story as a film.”

The book route is probably safer than running for office, we all know what happened to the last U.S. President named Abraham.