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Farrah Abraham Wants to Trade Places with Donald Trump, Be President for a Day

By TheBlast Staff

Farrah Abraham may have her eyes on a new career now that she's done being a "Teen Mom," President of the United States.

The reality star revealed her political aspirations in a recent interview with reporter Whitney Ullman. She says that President Trump is probably the one celeb she'd want to switch places with for one day, so she can take a crack at politics.

When asked how she would handle being Commander In Chief, Farrah already has a few political stances:

  1. Make things better for children and mothers ... women in general

  2. Make safety more strict

  3. Making systems simpler

Farrah who is currently adapting her NY Times bestselling memoir into a screenplay for a film and says she's been focused on learning the ropes of screenwriting and focusing on "bringing more hindsight and knowledge and a powerful meaning to the story as a film."

The book route is probably safer than running for office, we all know what happened to the last U.S. President named Abraham.

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