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Farrah Abraham Gets New Designer Vagina Live on Instagram!

By TheBlast Staff

Farrah Abraham just got her lady parts snipped and decided to document the procedure live on the Gram!

The former "Teen Mom" got a designer vagina on Monday from Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Nazarian, revamping her 26-year-old one.

"My vagina's giving birth to a new vagina today," she said in the 90-second video.

The procedure takes on average two hours and the patient is wide awake the whole time (probably not going live with millions of followers like Farrah though). The cost of the procedure can put the patient back a pretty penny ... costing anywhere from $4,000-$8,000.

"You can't have sex for 30 days after you've had designer vagina surgery," she informed her 1.2 million followers.

At one point, Dr. Nazarian tells Farrah her new vagina looks good and asks if she'd like to see the removed bits. It's an interesting video for sure, but we'll leave the ? up to you.

 Farrah Abraham
Instagram / Mega

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