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Amazing Video Reveals the TRUTH Behind Farrah Abraham's 'Wardrobe Malfunction' at Cannes

By TheBlast Staff

If you were scratching your head this week wondering how Farrah Abraham scored an invite to walk the red carpet in Cannes for her now-infamous crotch shot, there's a simple answer ... she actually crashed the carpet during a fashion show, and the video is spectacular!

The Blast obtained the raw video from one of the photogs working the same fashion show during the Film Festival at which the former "Teen Mom" star not-so-subtly flashed her naughty bits.

In the video you can see Farrah sitting in the front of a fashion show as models walk up and down the carpet. However, The reality star is not focused on the fashion, she's communicating with a photographer as she plots her moment for a well placed photo-op.

Farrah is like an artist at work; she makes eye contact with the photographer to let him know that she's getting ready, casually moves a woman out of the way who was blocking the shot, and then when the time was right she made her move.

Her first go at exposing herself didn't go down as planned, she stepped on her dress a bit and wasn't happy with the result, so she waited for a second chance.

Moments later ... boom! The money shot was captured as Farrah hit the carpet and pulled her dress to the side for the "wardrobe malfunction."

After she walked on the carpet for a few feet, Farrah immediately hopped off and made her way back to her seat. The final picture is pretty impressive and appears that Farrah walked the red carpet in Cannes in front of an audience. Nobody was the wiser, except a couple girls who found the whole thing pretty funny.

You gotta hand it to Farrah, though. It's shameless, but takes guts to walk out on the red carpet like you own it ... and then show the world your vagina.

Do yourself a favor, if you've only watched it once then you need to watch it again to truly appreciate the masterpiece!

Farrah Abraham Vagina

Farrah Abraham

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