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Farrah Abraham Blames Everyone for Her Arrest But Herself

By TheBlast Staff

Farrah Abraham has a perfectly good explanation for why she ended up behind bars the other night, because apparently the entire world is out to get her!

The reality star released a lengthy statement on social media following her release from the Beverly Hills Jail and said, "I chose this life and handle being targeted as a public figure & public punching bag," adding that "All is Fair in Farrah's world I will never believe the lies that people need to sell to make a dollar off me."

She then goes on to blame the Beverly Hills Hotel for allowing "misconduct by staff to a paying guess there's no need fo rme or anyone else to be treated this way."

Finally, the former "Teen Mom" blames the Beverly Hills Police Department: "The Beverly Hills Police officers should stop having power trips and lying and selling stories," while she claims "you let all of Beverly Hills be robbed, car break ins, stealing go on .. focus on really protecting the public and doing good for Beverly Hills instead of creating made up problems."

She also claims that she got no charges and no jail time, both of which are untrue. As we reported, Farrah has been charged with battery and trespassing after allegedly striking a security guard at the hotel following a fight with other guests and an ejection from the property.

We know Farrah is a reality star, just not sure which reality she's living in.

Farrah Abraham

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