Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott Sues the NFL to Block Looming Suspension

The NFLPA filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ezekiel Elliott asking the court to vacate any suspension the NFL might hand down, alleging a “conspiracy” against the Dallas Cowboys running back.

According to the federal court documents, the NFLPA claims in their finding “there was a League-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives … to hide critical information — which would completely exonerate Elliott” in his domestic violence case.

Elliott was suspended for six games by the league last month. His appeal hearing took place this week and lasted three days. A ruling is expected to come down either Friday or Monday.

Elliott’s attorneys, Frank Salzano and Scott Rosenblum, released a statement saying, “During the course of the past 13 months and culminating in the last three days of the appeal process, we have witnessed some of the most egregious violations of legal due process in connection with the NFL’s investigation of Mr. Elliott.” “Not only did the underlying facts not support the false allegations made against Mr. Elliott, but the process in which they were gathered and adjudicated were fundamentally unfair. Mr. Elliott looks forward to being completely vindicated and will continue to explore all other legal options to redress the reputational and monetary harm that he has suffered.”

The NFL had no comment on the filing.