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Ed Sheeran Is Now … The Godfather

Ed Sheeran was given an offer he couldn’t refuse, become the Godfather to James Blunt’s son.

Sheeran and Blunt are longtime BFFs, and the “Shape Of You” singer just revealed that Blunt bestowed the honor upon him.

“James is like a brother to me, actually I’m not quite sure if I can say this, but I’m going to — he’s just made me god­father to his son,” Sheeran told The Sun.

He added, “To be honest, I think he’s only done it because he knows I’ve got a good idea of what sort of person he’d want him to be when he grows up … an absolute lad.”

Blunt revealed earlier this year he had given the late Carrie Fisher the original honor of his son’s Godmother, unfortunately she never met the child.