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Drake Gave Away $1 Million for 'God's Plan' Video!

By TheBlast Staff

We knew Drake was up to something big when he was cruising around Miami doling out cash left and right, and it turns out he was shooting a music video while giving back to the community.

Drizzy just released the video for "God's Plan" and said he gave away $996,631.90 during filming. It was just last week that we posted about the rapper buying groceries for a supermarket full of customers, and now we get the inside look of how emotional it really was.

The entire video is a real tear-jerker, and extremely powerful.

Luckily for Drake, with the views his video racks up on YouTube, it's only a matter of time before he recoups his charitable expenses, and then some. According to our monetization experts, they estimate once "God's Plan" reaches 500 million views, Drake will be close to covering the costs of making the video. If that sounds like a lot, it is, but "Hot Line Bling" has 1.3 billion views so it's definitely possible.

Our guess is Drake will give all that money away too.

Bottom line is, Drake's good for business, good for the community and just plain good.

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