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Dr. Luke Claims Kesha Cost Him Work With Katy Perry, Wants $50 Million

By TheBlast Staff

Dr. Luke says his bank account is feeling the effects of being wrapped up in an ongoing lawsuit with Kesha, and says because of the legal drama he's lost millions in potential revenue including a chance to make a ton of money with Katy Perry.

According to documents recently filed in the legal case, Dr. Luke is seeking $50 million in damages from Kesha after she allegedly defamed him with sexual assault allegations. Those claims were later thrown out by a NY judge.

The music producer laid out a breakdown of what he believes he would have made in the future, which he claims would have been a lucrative 10-year period had Kesha not accused him of sexual abuse. He said he would have made $29.9 million in producer and publishing royalties, $8.7 million from co-writing tracks with songwriters on his label, and $10.2 million for work that would have been done on Katy Perry's 4th, 5th and 6th albums.

For her part, Kesha filed documents claiming Luke had his damages tallied up based upon his past hits and ability to secure top performers, which she doubts he would have been able to do.

The case between the two is ongoing.

A rep for Dr. Luke tells The Blast, "Kesha’s false accusations have caused tremendous damage to Dr. Luke, his family and his businesses. Kesha’s recent court filing misstates and misrepresents an expert accountant’s calculations of certain revenue that Mr. Gottwald has lost as a result of Kesha’s false accusations. The ultimate amount of Dr. Luke’s damages is for a jury to decide."

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