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Donald Trump Sued by Former Staffer Who Claims He Kissed Her

President Donald Trump is being sued by a former campaign staffer who claims he kissed her without her consent before a rally in Florida.

Alva Johnson tells The Washington Post that Trump tried to kiss her on the lips as he exited an RV outside a rally in Tampa on August 24, 2016. Johnson claims she turned her head and Trump’s kiss landed on the side of her mouth.

She called the exchange “super-creepy and inappropriate.”

Johnson told The Post, “I immediately felt violated because I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it … I can still see his lips coming straight for my face.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders denied the allegation, saying, “This never happened and is directly contradicted by multiple highly credible eye witness accounts.”

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Johnson filed a federal lawsuit on Monday alleging that the campaign discriminated against her by paying her less than her white male counterparts.

She said she considered coming forward after Donald Trump was caught on tape bragging about kissing and grabbing women without their consent, but she was nervous about coming forward.

“I’ve tried to let it go,” she said. “You want to move on with your life. I don’t sleep. I wake up at 4 in the morning looking at the news. I feel guilty. The only thing I did was show up for work one day.”

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