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DMX Desperately Trying to Avoid Prison Time With Promises of Career Reboot

By TheBlast Staff

DMX does not want to see any time behind bars after pleading guilty to skipping out on a $1.7 million tax bill, but he's trying everything possible to avoid prison, including his devotion to religion and the revival of his career.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, X's legal team is suggesting that all of "Mr. Simmons' future contracts contain a provision that all fees are deposited to an escrow with Government or trustee supervision." They believe setting up a payment plan to "correct the losses to the government" will be more beneficial than serving the possible 5 years that federal prosecutors are suggesting.

The documents claim a payment plan would not only ensure the government gets paid back, it would be "Safeguarded for Mr. Simmons to live on and to support his children and would serve to insure that he paid by unscrupulous people."

Since the beginning of his tax case, X has alleged that poor financial management resulted in his current situation.

The rapper's attorney also says that 2018 is an "Important year for Mr. Simmons as an artist as it is the twentieth anniversary of the release of his first album. It's Dark and Hell Is Hot was a smashing success in 1998, and X is expected to follow the "Revival and resurgence of figures in music upon these anniversaries" like many other aging musicians.

His attorney makes it clear that X "has an opportunity to significantly earn and in earning he can significantly pay his restitution."

X has also become extremely religious, and his legal team feel that his spiritual work can be best accomplished outside of prison.

The documents also state that X has "je no sais quoi" that makes him extremely likable and marketable, and that "this diamond is rough but he should not be buried."

The judge has not yet ruled on the Diamond in the Ruff Ryder's case.

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