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Derrick Rose's Rape Accuser Claims Biased Judge, Starstruck Jury Led to His Victory

By TheBlast Staff

The woman who accused Derrick Rose of rape is blaming the judge and jury for stacking the deck against her.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jane Doe (her name was never revealed) filed her appeal on October 10, laying out the reasons she believes she lost her civil trial against Rose.

Her attorneys list several examples of when the judge made unfair rulings favoring Rose, including:

  • Allowed into evidence the fact that Doe owns a "sex belt" despite the fact it wasn't even present on the night of the incident

  • Allowed testimony that Doe participated in prior sexual acts that night

  • Allowed provocative photos of her from a month after the alleged incident to be shown to the jury

  • Allowed old texts between Doe and Rose to be admitted into evidence that show them both expressing "sexual sentiments for one another"

In addition, Doe claims the judge made biased rulings against her, including:

  • Not allowing evidence that showed her previous refusals to engage in group sex with Rose and his friends

  • Not allowing texts into evidence that show one of Rose's friends apologizing for the incident

  • Not allowing texts into evidence between Doe and Rose which contain "admissions through silence"

  • Not allowing phone records that show Rose's friend engaged the services of sex workers

Doe's attorneys accuse the jury of being in awe of the NBA star, citing photos taken after the verdict was announced showing Rose and his attorney posing for photos with "giddy" jurors.

"The nature of such celebrity status, coupled with the significant instances of victim-blaming and so-called 'slut-shaming' that are rampant in similar cases, means that, despite the system’s best efforts, women are still forced to defend their lifestyle to have their day in court," her attorneys write in the documents.

Last year, a jury found the NBA star and his two friends not liable for the alleged gang rape of Rose’s former girlfriend back in 2013. She sued seeking $21.5 million dollars in damages.

The jury consisted of eight members — six men and two women. According to reports, the jurors were unanimous in their decision on the first vote after only a few hours of deliberation.

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