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Dennis Rodman's Possible Singapore Trip Funded by Marijuana Crypto-Company

By TheBlast Staff

Dennis Rodman is totally willing to head to Singapore when Donald Trump meets with Kim Jong-un, but first he has to strike a deal with some digital dank bankers.

Sources close to The Worm tell The Blast the trip is not set in stone, but Rodman is currently in discussions with PotCoin -- a cryptocurrency geared towards marijuana purchases -- to fund his trip out to Singapore. PotCoin previously sent Rodman on a return trip to North Korea after his infamous meeting with the Glorious Leader.

We're told Rodman has not been in contact with Trump's team, nor anyone from North Korea regarding Singapore. PotCoin is sponsoring Rodman's "peace mission," but they make it clear he's going out for the business with the pot company, not just for the Trump-Kim summit.

As for what Rodman will do if he actually heads to Singapore, we're told a meeting with Kim Jong-un isn't out of the question, seeing as they have a history, but our source makes it clear nobody has been contacted and no discussions have been had.

A rep for Rodman tells us the negotiations with PotCoin are ongoing, and are hopeful they can work out a deal.

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