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Dennis Hof in Great Spirits in Final Interview Just Hours Before His Death

By TheBlast Staff

Dennis Hof gave his final interview just hours before his untimely death and he sounded like a man who was excited for his second career in politics.

Hof spoke with Al Roker Jr. for his podcast, "Roker Radio," during Hof's campaign rally/birthday party on Saturday night in Pahrump, Nevada. The Bunny Ranch owner was a Republican candidate for Nevada's state assembly.

In his interview with Roker, Hof joked about his campaign, "I went from a nice, clean business like prostitution to the dirtiest business there is. These politicians are such pieces of garbage. "

He added, "We're fighting the establishment. It's time we get more business people into politics and get these career politicians ... they're hookers. You put money in their pocket and they'll do anything you tell them to do. And I'm not like that."

Roker asked Hof if he planned to step away from the prostitution business if he got elected and Hof said it was actually the opposite.

"No, not at all. All those politicians are my customers," Hof explained. "These special interest groups pay these guys and get 'em laid and all that. So I'll just be around my friends still."

Dennis Hoff and Ron Jeremy

As The Blast previously reported, Ron Jeremy — legendary porn star and one of Dennis Hof's closest friends — went back to the Love Ranch brothel with Hof and others to hang out and have a few drinks. He stressed that Hof did not drink or do drugs and was merely hanging out basking in the glory of the night.

Jeremy told The Blast that when he went to Hof's room the next morning, he found Hof lying motionless in bed with his eyes “half open.”

He tried shaking his friend awake, and describes Hof’s skin as “cold to the touch,” so he yelled for help. Employees from the front office of the brothel rushed in and tried to administer some quick chest compressions before realizing the situation was much worse, so they called 911.

Dennis Hof passed away at the age of 72.

Dennis Hof photos

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