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Demi Lovato's Backup Dancer Says Internet Rumors and Bullying Left Her Bed-Ridden With Depression

By TheBlast Staff

Demi Lovato's backup dancer Dani Vitale — who was blamed by many for the singer’s alleged overdose — issued an emotional statement on the devastating toll Internet rumors took on her life.

Lovato's longtime friend penned a lengthy Instagram post, detailing the night of Demi's alleged overdose after her birthday party. She once again explained she wasn't with Demi Lovato when the incident occurred, going on to detail the widely reported narrative that alleged otherwise, saying it "...Yanked my life, my reputation, my name and everything I have worked so hard to stand for, out from underneath me."

The dancer emotionally explained that the Internet rumors left her bed-ridden for three weeks due to her severe depression and anxiety.

"I thought if I stayed asleep, that was time I didn't have to be conscious living in this hell that was being forced upon me ... there were nights I would honestly hope I wouldn't wake up the next morning so I didn't have to live through this anymore and it would all go away," she confessed.

Dani went on to reiterate she has gone her entire life without touching drugs. Despite that, she says, "People that I thought loved me were no where to be found or heard from, companies stopped replying emails and I was alone."

Vitale's statement echoed what a family member had previously told The Blast. Last month, a source close to Dani said she is not the person to blame for the overdose and were genuinely shocked fans were pointing the finger at her.

The dance instructor says she is trying to resume her "normal" life but admits it "has been brutally unbearable" to the point where she is afraid to turn on her cell phone.

She promised she will not let the bullies win and issued an important reminder: "We are so quick to point the finger with little to ZERO facts at all."

Dani ended her post, explaining she decided to share her experience, not for sympathy, but to deter bullying and encourage others to have more compassion.

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