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Damon Dash Whacked with Lawsuit Over Female Mob Flick

By TheBlast Staff

Damon Dash is being accused of stealing the footage for a mafia movie with a female lead, and the woman who created the characters is not going to fuggedaboutit.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, author Edwyna Brooks sued Damon Dash of "Mafietta," a book series based on an aspiring female crime boss.

Brooks’ explains that her goal when writing the book series, which has been copyrighted, was to have it turned into a film or television series.

The author, represented by powerhouse attorney Christopher Brown, says she filmed a version of ‘Mafietta’ in 2014 with director Jahmar Hill and the short film gained some recognition.

Brooks then attended a seminar that Dash held in North Carolina back in 2015, and told the producer about her film. He apparently showed interest in wanting to direct.

Brooks claims she entered into negotiations with Dash to direct the film, and she paid for the production, cast and crew associated with "Mafietta."

Dash apparently spoke on how much money the woman was going to make with the film, and also gave her permission to use Jay-Z's song, "Reasonable Doubt," even though he didn't even own the rights.

Brooks says that despite the negotiations, the contract with Dash for the film was never finalized and that his "shenanigans" soon began during production. She claims Dash spent production time and money filming his own personal projects, including a music video for rapper Murda Mook, instead of working on "Mafietta."

Brooks says she fired Dash from the project, but he continues to post and claim to be involved. She also said he tried to distribute the film on iTunes and she had to fight to get it removed. It's unclear what ultimately happened to the film.

The woman wants Dash to no longer claim any ownership or rights to the "Mafietta" movie, and also wants to collect damages over the situation.

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