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'SATC' Episodes Don't Fall Under the Equal Time Rule for Candidate Cynthia Nixon

By TheBlast Staff

Cynthia Nixon is full steam ahead in her run for governor of New York State and "Sex and the City" won't be causing any problems for her candidacy, at least when it comes to equal time on television.

The Blast spoke with the FCC who explained that "SATC" is exempt from the equal time mandate due to a loophole or "glitch" in the rule.

According to an FCC spokesperson, "all legally qualified candidates" in gubernatorial races are subject to the equal time rule but they only apply to "cable origination, not to cable channels."

The Communications Act requires radio and television stations, and cable systems which originate their own programming, to treat legally qualified political candidates equally. But since "SATC" originated on HBO, which wasn't around when the act was written, it doesn't count.

This could be a blow for her primary opponent, incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo, who would have been able to request a ton of free time on TV to promote his candidacy. The hit HBO show airs daily in syndication and the two subsequent films are in frequent rotation on television.

The Blast has reached out to Gov. Cuomo for comment — so far, no word back.

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