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Courtney Stodden Airs Out Her Daddy Issues Over Damaged Relationship

By TheBlast Staff

Courtney Stodden is going through a tough time after announcing that her father proclaimed he "does not have a daughter."

The 24-year-old Instagram model went on social media Sunday night and made the heartbreaking announcement that, "My Father told me to never contact him again and that he does not have a daughter."

Stodden says the relationship has been damaged for more than a decade, but the latest revelation is especially upsetting.

She says that after leaving home at 16-years-old, her dad "threw away all my childhood memories," including video tapes and other keepsakes.

"The thing is, if my father doesn't want to be a FATHER then I need to finally accept that," Stodden shared. She says that she will always love her birth father, regardless of his feelings.

She also gives a shoutout to anyone "who is feeling lost, worthless, or has been disowned by any of their family members."

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