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Corey Haim's Mother Claims Charlie Sheen 'Never Touched My Son'

By TheBlast Staff

Corey Haim's mother is refuting reports Charlie Sheen sexually assaulted her son.

Judy Haim tells The Blast her son never made her aware of a single sexual assault allegation against Charlie Sheen and only spoke of a single incident with one aggressor -- who was NOT Sheen.

Judy, who did multiple interviews about the allegations, tells us she and Corey had a very open and honest relationship and the late actor was always upfront about his demons. She says he told her "everything" and if this ever happened, Judy is adamant Corey would've spoken up about it or, at the very least, showed signs something was wrong. She makes it clear, telling us Sheen "never touched my son."

The National Enquirer published a report Wednesday alleging Sheen sexually assaulted 13-year-old Haim on the set of "Lucas" back in 1986. The outlet cited actor and Haim's "close friend" Dominick Brascia as the source of the information.

Haim bravely opened up about his sexual assault in a heated episode of "The Two Coreys," a reality show he filmed alongside Corey Feldman.

In the clip, Feldman and Haim are intensely arguing when Haim accuses Feldman of letting him get raped when he was about 14 "by a guy [Feldman] still hangs out with" and claims Feldman didn't help despite knowing about the alleged assault at the time.

We spoke with a production source who said Haim did mention Charlie Sheen during "The Two Coreys," however it was in regards to their "mutual demons" and addictions, not sexual assault. They claim the footage was cut from the episode because of the mentions of Sheen. Its unclear why the network chose not to air the footage.

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