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Corey Feldman Files Police Report & Restraining Orders Over Online Death Threats From 'Wolfpack'

By TheBlast Staff

Corey Feldman is taking action against an alleged nefarious group of people who have been planting fake news and issuing threats online, and now the police are involved.

According to the police report obtained by The Blast, Feldman believes an online group, who call themselves the Wolfpack, are taking vengeance on him for working to expose the alleged sexual assaults going on in the entertainment industry.

Specifically, Feldman told cops he believes the Wolfpack is targeting him for trying to expose the sexual abuse the late Corey Haim allegedly suffered. In fact, Feldman alleges in a letter to police that Haim's mother, Judy, may be involved with the group of people allegedly out to destroy him.

He claims the threats have been delivered on social media, and involve harming him. One threat hoped that he would get "gang raped" in prison. The actor says he is currently in fear for his life over the threats.

The actor also believes the Wolfpack is behind the alleged assault he suffered a few months back when he was allegedly poked with a syringe after a road rage incident.

Feldman told police he feels the aggression towards him for trying to unmask a sexual assault suspect is similar to possible victims allegedly being intimidated in the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Along with the report to the LAPD, Feldman also filed for and was granted 5 temporary restraining orders agains the people he believes are members of the Wolfpack.

His attorney, Perry Wander, tells The Blast that his client, "under the advice of the Los Angeles Police Department Threat Management Unit filed a request with the Los Angeles Superior Court for a restraining order for civil harassment against a group of individuals that have been stalking and threatening him by planting fake news and posting threatening messages to him on social media."

Wander adds, "In California, the Threat Management Unit was created by the LAPD police to handle cases of harassment or stalking. The Los Angeles Police Department created the first Threat Management Unit, in 1990 after the murder of actress Rebecca Lucile Schaeffer. Mr. Feldman, has a genuine fear of credible violence against him which necessitated the criminal complaint and launched the criminal investigation and LAPD recommendation to seek a restraining order."

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