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Corey Feldman's Paranoia Over Death Threats Led to Possible Road Rage

By TheBlast Staff

It was Corey Feldman's constant fear of being attacked that may have led to a misunderstanding that resulted in road rage and landed the actor in the hospital.

Law enforcement sources tell The Blast the security guard in Feldman's car Tuesday night shined a light in the direction of a vehicle the star thought was following him.

Cops are unsure if anyone got out of the other vehicle, but they believe the flashlight incident caused the alleged altercation.

As we reported, Feldman says he has been receiving ongoing threats after his Hollywood molestation claims. The constant worry that one of his online trolls will take legitimate action is becoming overwhelming for Feldman, and may have resulted in the the mix-up on the road.

Feldman's attorney, Perry Wander, tells us "My clients paranoid because he's got a lot of threats online there's a lot of haters out there and a lot of people upset that have been outed as child molesters"

Feldman also believes he may have been punctured with a syringe, and is currently being tested to make sure he did not get injected with any sort of virus.

As of now, investigators are looking into a possible road rage incident as well as a possible assault with a deadly weapon.

Wander tells us Feldman believes the people were attacked him were hispanic: "Corey Feldman filed a formal police report that three young Hispanic males jumped out of their vehicle and attempted to instigate a fight with Mr. Feldman's security guard and while the security guard got out of the vehicle and was distracted one of the males approached Corey Feldman's side of the vehicle opened his door and attacked him with a sharp object because it was dark it's not clear exactly what it was. A crime report was filed with the LAPD who interviewed his security guard and he corroborated my clients story. The LAPD sent forensics to get fingerprints off the vehicle, they took DNA swabs and sent a police photographer to the hospital to photograph his injury. My client is recovering in the hospital from this very scary event."

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