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Colin Kaepernick Calls BS On Report Saying He Would Stand for National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick is making it very clear he never said he would stand for the National Anthem after reports said he would end his protest if he got picked up by an NFL team.

Kaepernick just tweeted a quote from Winston Churchill addressing the “lie” claiming he told CBS reporter Jason La Canfora he would begin standing for the National Anthem if he was able to play QB again.

La Canfora interviewed Kaepernick about his quest to get back on a team, and at the end of the piece, which aired Sunday morning, mentioned he would end his protest, and said it as fact.

Immediately after the piece ran on TV, La Canfora began tweeting that he was only referring to earlier reports about Kaepernick standing, but did not elaborate on those reports.