Céline Dion Raked in Over $155 Million in Vegas Gigs

Céline Dion doesn’t need to dine at the buffets in Las Vegas, she can just buy the whole restaurant with the truckload of cash she earned from her longtime residency.

Dion filed docs for the estate of her deceased husband, René Angélil, laying out his stake of the couple’s valuable assets.

Topping the list is Vegas company, CDA Productions, valued at $156,000,000.  CDA was co-owned by Céline and René, and is the company used for Dion’s Caesar Palace residency.

Queen Céline is widely known as the top earner in Sin City, reportedly locking in a contract in 2011 for 70 shows a year at $476,000 per show.  Dion performed until 2016 when she canceled the remaining concerts following her husband’s death from cancer.

René’s 50% stake in CDA is worth $54,500,000 and brings his estate’s estimated total worth to $59,297,868.76.

celine doc

Some other interesting items listed in the document include:

— $47,300 for a Henderson, NV storage locker full of artwork

— $5,625.65 in miscellaneous casino chips

— $2,000 worth of gift cards for a mall in Palm Beach, FL

— $50 for a GameStop gift card

— $650 in sports memorabilia and celebrity art from the Vegas home

Sure the artwork is probably beautiful, but props to Rene on being a gamer.