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Carrie Underwood Scrambles for Last Minute Outfit as Wardrobe Goes Missing

Carrie Underwood‘s stylist just became employee of the month when she ran around Atlantic City to throw together an ensemble for the singer after her extensive concert wardrobe missed its flight.

Underwood performed Friday in New Jersey as she opened up the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. She told the audience that upon flying in from London it was discovered her costumes didn’t show up.

However, her stylist saved the day by running around the Boardwalk and collecting a great outfit for Underwood, including stylish yet affordable shoes from Charlotte Russe.

We’re told she did not change during the entire non-stop 2-hour long performance.

The concert wasn’t just amazing for the outfit scramble and knockout delivery, it was also the first time Underwood’s 3-year-old son Izzy saw her perform.

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Izzy’s first show! He’s proud of his momma!

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