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Cardi B Accuses Inked Up Model of Wanting a 'Free Ride' On 'Famous Coat-Tails'

By TheBlast Staff

Cardi B says the guy featured going down in her famous album artwork is trying to gouge out her income through "extortionate means," and wants the suit against her dropped.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Cardi B's legal team filed documents Monday accusing Kevin Michael Brophy, Jr. of seeking "Whatever piece of Cardi B's income he can gouge out, and whatever free ride on her famous coat-tails he can gain, through extortionate means of this unfounded, preposterous action."

The case stems from Brophy accusing Cardi of allegedly lifting his image and plastering it on the artwork for her "Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1." He claimed to identify himself by the distinct tattoo of a tiger fighting a snake on his back, and said he never met Cardi or posed for a photo and wanted at least $5 million in damages.

Cardi's lawyers however, are claiming the photo is a "classic example of transformative work created in the exercise of the First Amendment rights of the photographer." Plus, the lawyers claim Brophy was never identified or named, so there was no harm done.

They say that any suggestion the "Be Careful" singer's success is attributable to the use of the tattoo image is "simply ludicrous."

She wants the suit dismissed ASAP ... which could be a smart move considering she is dropping a ton of new music and getting even more famous every minute.

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