Cardi B Defends Her ‘Okurrr’ Trademark: ‘I’m Gonna Secure All the Bags’

Cardi B is lashing out at critics who questioned her decision to lock up the rights to her famous catchphrase, and making it clear that she’s after one thing: MONEY.

The rapper just posted and deleted a video regarding The Blast’s exclusive story — she filed to trademark the phrase, “Okurrr,” for use on a bunch of upcoming products.

“Let me tell you something,” Cardi started, claiming that wherever she goes people are asking her to do the famous chirp. “You think i ain’t gonna profit off that?!” she exclaimed.

Cardi B Okurrr

The “Please Me” star said “White folks” do it all the time, and added, “While I’m here, I’m gonna secure all the bags!”

She’s doing a good job so far.