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Cardi B Airs Out Her 'P*y' in the Car to Avoid Yeast Infection

By TheBlast Staff

Cardi B just gave a whole new outlook on feeling the wind blow while driving after the star dropped trou during a road trip.

The "Money" rapper documented the TMI moment from the backseat of her SUV on Tuesday night. Pulling off her Dior pants because they were too tight, Cardi states that she was getting a "p***y wedgie" and she hates "p***y wedgies."

Screaming that her lady bits needed to breathe because she doesn't want a yeast infection, Cardi let her undercarriage air out.

FYI -- Cardi has a point.

According to a 2016 SELF article, tight pants can "decrease breathability, helping trap heat and moisture in your vagina, which can promote an environment where yeast and bacteria thrive."

May we suggest cotton panties, or perhaps, looser pants?


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