Cardi B Feels Bad for Khloé Kardashian Following Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal: ‘I’ve Been Through It’

Cardi B is relating to Khloé Kardashian following news the reality star’s baby daddy cheated, saying she feels “bad” for KoKo because she’s “been through it” too.

The “Money” rapper spoke openly on Wednesday about Tristan Thompson‘s latest escapade during an Instagram Live, adding because she’s been cheated on, she knows what the youngest Kardashian sister is going through.

“Y’all know I’ve been through some sh*t,” Cardi said. “I’m seeing this whole Khloé Kardashian thing, and it’s just like, everybody is just like celebrating that that happened to her, and it’s like, why?”

Cardi B is referencing to her relationship with husband Offset, who strayed five months after their daughter was born.

“Whatever karma that y’all felt like they deserve, I think they already have it, so it’s like why do you guys keep wishing that on a woman?” she asked. “Especially a woman that has a daughter?”

Speaking even more candidly about her own heartache, Cardi adds,  “Y’all know it feels like your heart is literally bleeding and you just want to die and you can’t even sleep,” she said, before attacking those people writing nasty things in Khloé’s comments.

“I feel like, alright she already learned her lesson, something real f**ked up happened before she gave birth, so it’s like why do you guys keep, I don’t know, like enjoying other people’s pain?” Cardi B asked. “Enjoying other people misery, knowing how much it hurts when a guy that you’re in love with, especially the father of your child, does something wrong. It’s just so sad.”

The rapper ends her rant by saying, “I be feeling bad because I think everybody been in those shoes, I’ve been through it. Friends been through it. Family been through it.”

As The Blast reported, Tristan Thompson was seen getting touchy-feely with Jordyn Woods, aka Kylie Jenner’s BFF, earlier this week at a house party.

Khloé has put on a brave face, hitting the town with her own best friend, Malika Haqq, just two days later and addressing about the scandal in a heartbreaking post.