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Cardi B's Dad Dragged Into Rapper's $15 Million Legal Battle

By TheBlast Staff

Cardi B's ex-manager believes the rapper's father may have key information in their $15 million legal battle and has fired off a subpoena demanding he sit and be grilled in the case.

On January 2, court documents were filed in the dueling lawsuits between Cardi B and her former manager, Klenord "Shaft" Raphael. They both are suing the other for millions in damages.

Cardi’s lawyer notes in the documents that they were served with a subpoena for Carlos Almanzar (Cardi’s dad) by Raphael. He clearly wants her dad to turn over documents and sit for a deposition to be asked about the facts of the case and anything he knows about Cardi and her former manager’s relationship.

The singer’s legal team explains they were also served with a subpoena for Offset — whom they refer to as Cardi’s "estranged husband" — and they are trying to confirm whether they can accept service for him at this time.

As The Blast first reported, Raphael plans on calling Offset to testify. The Migos star will be questioned about the facts of the case, including Cardi’s relationship with her former manager, the royalties she made and other aspects of the case he may have information about.

Raphael sued Cardi B last April for $10 million, claiming she breached their contract by ditching him as her manager.

Cardi B counter-sued Raphael seeking $15 million in damages, accusing him of screwing her over after she entrusted him and his companies with many aspects of her business affairs.

She claimed that despite him having a duty to act in her best interest, he took advantage of her “trust and naiveté and persuaded her to sign contracts and to enter into deals in which Mr. Raphael attempted to take an unreasonable and unconscionable portion of [her] earnings in the entertainment industry for himself.”

In 2015, Cardi B said she signed her deal with Raphael’s company — without a lawyer — which provided her former manager with a 20% cut of her earnings. She says he breached their deal by failing to provide monthly accounting, failed to appoint an independent business manager and for not providing her with adequate payments owed to her.

Both cases remain ongoing.

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