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YouTuber Laura Lee Apologizes for Her Apology Video

By TheBlast Staff

YouTuber Laura Lee has returned to the platform to apologize for her apology video that did NOT sit well with fans.

The beauty vlogger uploaded a video, following a month-long social media hiatus, where she addressed several things. First, Laura says she decided to delete her much, much-criticized video, saying, "I owe you guys a sincere apology."

"In that video, I come off more as a victim ... I am not a victim in any way," Lee explained.

She described the tearful video as "more of a reaction to the situation than a response," adding that she took the video down because it doesn't "represent" her well, not to "pretend it didn't happen." The video certainly did happen, along with the immediate plummet in her channel's subscriber count that followed the tearful apology video.

In case you have not been following Laura Lee's downfall, it all started last month when Internet sleuths dug up several offensive old tweets, including one from 2012 where she wrote: "Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster.. #yourwelcome."

As the backlash picked up, Laura temporarily deactivated her Twitter account and the YouTube community was quick to cancel her. Lee's sponsors also followed suit, with every single major sponsor dropping the beauty guru.

In Lee's most recent video, she also clarified which offensive tweets were real and which ones were photoshopped.

Laura says she has thought long and hard about her actions and has realized she is viewed as a role model, needs to do a better job and wants to "turn this whole community around."

This is Lee’s third attempt to apologize.

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